Texas-Specific Mediator Short Course


Course Description

This four-hour course covers the 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training curriculum established by the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable (TMTR) that deals with Texas-specific ADR law, Standards of Practice, Codes of Ethics and Professional Considerations.

If you completed your basic mediation training in a state other than Texas and such training covers all the topics in the TMTR-approved 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training curriculum other than the Texas-specific components, completion of this short-course will meet the basic mediation training requirements of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) and the mediator training requirements pursuant to Chapter 154.052 (a) Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. This short course also serves as a refresher for experienced Texas mediators and those who may be seeking additional continuing education hours.

Components of the short-course:

  • Review of the Texas ADR Act’s “Qualifications of Impartial Third Parties”
  • Overview of ADR legislation in Texas
  • Detailed review of the ethical guidelines for mediators in Texas
  • Professional considerations

Click here to download the course content outline: TMTR Texas-Specific Basic Mediation Training Standard

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