Standards for TMTR Approved Trainers


Applicants seeking the status of Approved Trainer from the TMTR must provide the following:

  1. Evidence of completion of a 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training that complies with TMTR standards. Applicants are responsible for providing the training outline/content for courses not offered by TMTR Approved Trainers. Individuals who were trained in courses not designed for qualified mediators in Texas also need to provide evidence of completion of an approved Texas-specific (4 hour) course from a TMTR Approved Trainer. Preferred “evidence” is a certificate of training or, in the absence of a certificate, sufficient written documentation to allow the TMTR Approval Committee to make a decision regarding the application.
  2. Documentation of mediation experience. Minimum of 2 years and 25 mediations.
  3. A degree or graduate academic certificate from an accredited college or university or written evidence of experience with specialized training in adult education.
  4. Training materials and outlines (updated every 2 years) for basic, family, and/or Texas- specific mediation trainings provided, signed “TMTR Assessment of Compliance” form for trainings provided, and a signed “Course Conformance Affirmation” form.
  5. A current dues paying member of TMTR having been active for a minimum of two (2) meetings at the time of application.
  6. Evidence of a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of professional continuing education (updated annually) in mediation, negotiation, conflict management, and/or adult education annually.

The standards above apply to individuals seeking the status of “Approved Trainer.” An organization may also attain “Approved Trainer” status if one of its principals (owner, officer, director, etc.) meets the individual standards AND is actively involved in the development of trainings, the administration of trainings (including the training of trainers within the organization), and the ongoing evaluation and enhancement of training courses.

Only Approved Trainers, including Approved Trainer Organizations, will be allowed to use the designation “TMTR Approved Trainer” and to publicize trainings on the TMTR website.

TMTR reserves the right to waive selected criteria for certain individuals and organizations having a history of adherence to TMTR training standards and of integrity within the mediation profession, generally, and within the mediation training community, specifically.

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